Vicunha Têxtil


Modern, intuitive and integrated, with a super dynamic navigation and also  moretrends and news about the denim universe. This is the new Vipreview website of Vicunha Têxtil, innovating once again in technology and content at the textile industry and standing itself forward to the market once again.

Vicunha Têxtil created a new website aiming a much more practical and interactive dynamic, but with the Vipreview goal you already know: to bring the most important  fashion and industry content along with our products and releases.

The changes start in our menu, that is more direct and visual, and it continues in each section of the website, such as News, Products, Trends, Photos, Videos and more! And the news are amazing: now, the registered Vicunha’s customers can request a new registration password, and thus have access to exclusive content of trends and products, save their favorite content and articles and send a “wish list” to the representative!

The laundry session is going to be even more amazing, also limited to Vicunha’s customers, it will aggregate all the content related to the tissues washing and processing, making it easier the access and consult to such relevant information. There is more. As interactivity will be the key item of our new website, every image can be shared via Pinterest, our videos may also be visualized on Vimeo, and all the content can be shared via social media. 

Vicunha is innovating and presenting more information in favor of fashion and textile industry! Explore our trends also in the Vipreview social medias!

Twitter: @Vipreview