Vicunha Têxtil

World leader in denim production


Vicunha Têxtil is always aware of the most innovative solutions in the sector, bringing the highest quality and technology to its collections. Based on constant research to find and point out the main trends in the fashion industry and consumers’ behavior worldwide, Vicunha not only aim to deliver excellence, but to surprise a constant changing market.

Vicunha’s fabrics are always present on the national and international catwalks of the main fashion weeks around the world. Its versatility also reaches the most varied pieces from collections of high reputed brands, from well-known labels to large retail chains.

The 50 year-old manufacturer also attends the annually textile fairs and participates in the most relevant fashion events in the country, supporting runway looks of established designers and emerging talents in the industry. Vicunha also supports professionals who have inclusive and diversity proposals, encouraging young talents to embrace their beliefs.

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